pink adderall cor 135

20. října 2011 v 22:45 | hadorula

Hey, I need help finding out what the hell this pill is. It's a pink tablet (split in halves) that has COR 135 on it. Some people have told me it's generic adderall but ... pink adderall cor 135 pink adderall cor 135 forums and articles. Learn about and discuss pink adderall cor 135 at The People's Medicine Community. pink adderall cor 135 1 Answer - Posted in: adderall, pill id - Answer: This pill is AMPHETAMINE SALT COMBO 20 MG (amphetamine aspartate; ... pink adderall cor 135 The pill is pink and round with cor 135 on it how many mg is it and i just wanted to make sure that it is adderall beacuse a friend asked COR 135 is Adderall active ... pink adderall cor 135 i looked it up but i could only find the one with "cor 135" on it, which is 20 mg supposedly. anyone know the dosage on this one? pink adderall cor 135 I have a pink, round pill that says "COR/135". On the back it is double-scored, I was told it was Adderall, does anyone know for sure? Thanks! pink adderall cor 135 What is a 30mg adderall cor 135 pink pill-----? ChaCha Answer: A round pink pill with "COR 135" on it is an amphetamine dextroamphe... pink adderall cor 135 I have been diagnosed with A.D.D., anxiety, and depression and I used to take the pink tablet adderall that said 135 COR on it-and i LOVED the feeling it gave me-I was ... pink adderall cor 135 On April 10, 2009 I obtained a prescription for a inceased dose of Adderall (20 mg. tabs), and my friendly pharmacist, gave me a bottle of "pink tabs embossed "cor 135 ... pink adderall cor 135 [Archive] Hi everyone, Adderall User need some help Adderall ... Now I get a pink pill and the label on it reads: COR 135. I have no idea what that is or means but i ... pink adderall cor 135

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